"I’m, I’m a human... Uh are you asking like as in ethnicity? You’re asking my ethnicity right? I am Mexican. I am Irish. I am Italian. And Iam German. That’s it. I’m not Native American, I’m not well… I don’t think I am but my grandfather grew up in Mexico. My grandpa has relatives in Germany and Ireland. My mom’s mother is full blooded Italian and migrated over here in the mid sixties and moved to Seattle and still lives there. So yeah." - Adam Eberhardt
"I am half Pilipino half white. Yeah I mean mydad, I have a lot of European in me. I have some Scottish. I have some Irish. Ihave a lot. And then on my moms side I am just half Pilipino. But I mean a lotof people consider me Hispanic when they see me, which I’m not but.. it's justannoying but it doesn’t really bother me anymore. It used to when I was youngerbut now I just kinda go with it or just say that’s not what I am. But yeah. " - Mckenna Glaser
*Laughs* "I am half Pilipino half white I guess. I’m a girl. I’m an artist. I’m mestiza which is like the Pilipino word for mixed race I guess.” - Marisa Smith
"Umm in terms of race? I’m human. I could be a dick about this (laughs). Umm I don’t know what kind of answer are you looking for? I am Cuban. I am Russian Jewish. I am Italian. I’m Austrian. I’m English. I’m a lot of things. But mostly I just see myself as human." Andrea Willingham
“I am African American and Native American and White.” - Alexandra Petersen
"I am Native American. I am Native American. I am Kalapuya." - Kara Jenness

"I’m half Indian and half Italian but there’s also a little bit of German Irish and Spanish thrown in there on the Italian side somehow. What more do you want me to say? That’s what I am racially. Like that’s literally it." - Allison Bruno

"My race? I’m white, Hispanic, Asian, German, French." - Ben Ogletree

"I’m half white and half Japanese." - Ian Murphy

"I.. uhh what do you mean what am I? Like as far as race? I am African American." - Javonte Byrd

"I am half black and half white." - Amber Cecil

'What am I? I’m an in process. I think that’s what I am. I’m in process." - Kirby Brown

"I am Korean American." - Kaylee Domzalski

"I am one-quarter Hispanic and three quarters various European backgrounds." - Wes Franco

"What am I? I’m Shaneesa Applegate." - ShaneesaApplegate
"A woman." - Keixa Bridges

"Uhh wait what do you mean? My ethnicity? I’m bi-racial I guess. African American and Caucasian and I don’t really know how to explain it. I’m Native American also, so I guess I just go by bi-racial. I’m a girl. A young woman." - Kat Cooper

 “I’m half Japanese and half European… Can I say that again? I’m half Japanese half European. Sorry can I do that again? It feels weird to answer the camera. I’ll just do it again. I’m half Japanese half European.” - Key Higdon 
"I am Guatemalan, Mexican and German." - Haydee O Romero

"I’m black, African American, white, Indian, and French. It’s actually a really interesting question because I’ve been asked that question my whole life. “What are you?” Growing up with kids on the playground and kids that I met throughout my life this question “what are you?” And my first response is to say I’m a certain ethnicity but in reality when I think about it I’d say I’m a human. I’m just like you. I’m just like everybody else. I hate that we are put in these categories of what we are like the perceptions that people have. So (nods head)." - Macaihah M Broussard

"What am I? I am a human. I am a lover of nature and dogs and writing. A person of color and a aspiring producer. I am a photo conoisser and a coffee lover.  I am a …. God this is hard. I am a traveler. I’m a student here at the University of Oregon." - Hailei Aberson-Holford

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